Our 20th Remembered

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Thanks to...

  • Claudia Byrne Realty for sponsoring the disposable cameras
  • Craig Flynn and TreeHouse for processing/cropping photos and programming the gallery viewer
  • BJ White (Whaley), Sarah Delvoryas (McMeen), LeighAnn Pemelton (Atkinson), and Tracy Faulstich for sending in photos

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Melissa Frow – Our 2005 Reunion's Class of 1985 Scholarship Winner

About the Recipient
Melissa is a wonderful student who is very involved in drama and art. She is a mentor for freshmen and is very helpful in the ROTC program. She has been accepted to UNR and will use this scholarship to help pay her tuition.

Mark Zimmerman Presentation Speech

"The class of 1985 would like to present a scholarship to a deserving student who has overcome hardship in pursuit of education. This person was to be a good student and involved in extra-curricular activities, as well as exemplify "Lancer Pride". The class of 1985 raised this money during their 20 year reunion this past summer. The dollar amount of the scholarship is $1,985, and is meant to be a challenge to all other alumni classes of McQueen High School to raise money to give a scholarship each year. The committee consisted of Mr. Zimmerman ( a member of the class of 1985) Ms. Kira Smith and Mr. Cilonis (other alumni faculty). The class of 1985 is proud to present this $1,985 scholarship to Melissa Frow."

About the Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student who best fit into the following categories:

  • Respectable GPA
  • Involvement in extracurricular and community-based activities
  • Impressive drive, controlled ambition, and a history of facing challenges, not side-stepping them.
  • Raw talent
  • Reasonable enough financial need that warrants a scholarship
  • A sense of torch-bearing tradition and an oath to lead the charge 20 years from now to create a Class of 2006 McQueen Class Scholarship at their 20th Reunion many moons in the future.

2005 – 20th Reunion Organizers

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Peter Scott
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